Waterbear Network:
Key art for over 70 NGO's sustainable projects used across the platform to draw attention to the issue and encourage the viewers to take action. 
Key art for the UN Sustainable Development Goals 
Illustrations used on social media, bringing the photograph alive by highlighting the energy of nature. 
Ken Wright:

Social Media assets for the new comedy 'Off the Rails' 
Now Teach: 
Artwork for Jenni Murray's podcast 'Now I'm Grown Up'. 
Bruce Munro:
Poster and social media artwork for the Ribbon of Light, an installation to raise money for the NHS during the first lock down of Covid. 
Student Briefs: 

Stop Taking the Piss:
A campaign to make the festivals goers aware of the critical damage their 'carefree wee' is doing to the land. Encouraging them to use the 'Eco loo's' provided to protect the land and the festival from being shutting down. 

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