Current Work: 

World Beneath our Feet
This series was produced to explore my fascination towards the Wood Wide Web whilst reinforcing the value of soil and how we treat it. Through repetitive mark making, I have created a sense of movement within the artwork, revealing the life giving buzz flowing through network hidden beneath the land. As well as showing the connecting energy, I have also demonstrated the damage of exhausting land with agricultural techniques such as the use of Chemical fertilizers and Monocultures, whilst showing the solutions to healing the soil such as Regenerative farming and Rewilding.
To create the pigment I used in the prints, I mixed together Indigo vegetable dye, a natural colorant extracted from the leaves of the indigo plant, and Arabic gum, acting as the natural binder. The combination of the two creates a deep crystallized Indigo, which shimmers when in the right light. This natural mix also acts as a physical metaphor within the series, playing the role of Organic Matter. 
Indigo vegetable dye mixed with Arabic gum on Woodstock Betulla. 
Indigo vegetable dye mixed with Arabic gum on PvG
Previous work:
A collection of prints, illustrations, animations and immersive installations created to demonstrate the secrets revealed in the book 'The Hidden life of Trees' by Peter Wohlleben. 

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