Symbiotic Synthesis:

Symbiotic Synthesis is a multi-sensory installation created by artists Tink Munro and Archie Presley. The artwork showcases the beauty and complexity of the mycelium network and its crucial role in supporting our ecosystem.

The animation is a collaboration of eight dotted rhythms, illustrating the exchange of elements between the fungi network and the natural world. These elements include crucial nutrients for growth, glucose produced by photosynthesis, and chemical signals that communicate survival information.

The artwork is accompanied by a piece of music that flows in symmetry, highlighting each organic trail. The quadrophonic sound setup produces a fully immersive and spatial experience for the viewer, creating a deeper connection between the artwork and the subject matter it represents.
Each pathway was composed of manipulated field recordings or analog synthesis to echo their pulse. This collaboration between art and music creates an experience that submerges the viewer into the fusion of the hidden world that lies beneath.

Symbiotic Synthesis serves as a powerful reminder of the essential role that mycelium plays in our ecosystem, and highlights the importance of preserving and nurturing the natural world. Through this installation, The pair hope to inspire viewers to appreciate and engage with the intricate web of life that supports us.
Beneath the Bark:
An immersive installation interpreting the cellular structure of plant-life. 
An interpretation of existing cells under a microscope.  
An animation back projected onto a box for one to lie back and soak in the artificial space. 

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